Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Captains Stupendous

Captains Stupendous (2014)
Telos Publishing

Too Much Travel Can Flatten the Mind...

"So you want to know about the Faraway Brothers, do you? Born somewhere in Gascony, they were, in the 1880s, all three of them birthed at the same time from the same womb of the same mother. Grew up in the same household, they did too, eating the same food, reading the same books, counting the legs on the same spider because the family couldn’t afford a real clock; but later they went their separate ways. Scipio took to the sea, to ships, islands and women; Distanto took to the air, to balloons, islands and women; Neary, unluckiest of the triplets, remained on land, taking only to locomotives and stations and chastity. Many adventures they all had and often their paths crossed and sometimes they clashed and the consequences were always totally STUPENDOUS!"


This book is a novel made up of the following three linked novellas:
The Coandă Effect * The Gargantuan Legion * The Apedog Incident

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

The Lunar Tickle

The Lunar Tickle (2014)
Dog Horn Publishing

The Lives and Spacetimes of Thornton Excelsior...

“Thornton Excelsior is a man but he’s not an individual, he’s a multitude, an ensemble of avatars of himself that can exist in any place at any time. His mission is to do all possible things and most impossible ones. Give him a feather and he will tickle the moon until it laughs; give him a laugh and he will sell it in the market for a story; give him a story and he will give you a book of them. This book. A book to make full moons giggle.”


An Inconvenient Fruit * The Maze * Hatstands on Zanzibar * The Porcelain Pig * Mad March Stylist * Tears of the Mutant Jesters *The Paradoxical Pachyderms * The Integers * The Shrug * The Longest Name * The Esplanade * The Rotten Otter * The Ducks of Hazard * Knight on a Bear Mountain * The Cheeky Monkey * The Melody Tree * The Reversed Comma * Black Ops * The Burning Ears * The Gates of Corn and Toffee * Whether the Weatherman * Note to Oneself * Said the Spook * The Notorious Unclemuncher * Read All About It * Putting Things Off * The Canapés of Wrath * The Plug * The Queue * Fossils * The Heat Death of Mr Universe * The Infringement * The Television * The Lock of Love *Sheer Lunar Sea * My Bearable Smugness

Note: the story entitled 'Tears of the Mutant Jesters' is a slightly rewritten version of a tale originally called 'The Appendix'